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Commercial Real Estate Asset Management

CRAM was created as an associated business of Lascorp Development Group.  Lascorp’s asset portfolio grew to a scale that justified the investment in management infrastructure and the engagement of property managers who could deliver a superior level of management service.

Our previous experience was that for the major commercial agencies, management was a job, and probably a “loss leader” for other agency services – valuation, sales, leasing, etc. The Lascorp Group believed that their assets would be best managed by developing an Asset Management company solely focused on meeting its needs, with a strong focus on understanding the needs of our tenants, exceeding their expectations in the upkeep of their building, and reducing their and our owners costs through “hands on” management.

With over 30,000 square meters of retail space under management, together with a growing commercial and industrial portfolio, CRAM has demonstrated skills and experience in the management of a range of assets.

CRAM also has significant experience in the acquisition and disposal of assets and maintaining the property, together with its financial status in the optimum condition.  The close connection between CRAM and Lascorp means that we are constantly involved in the sale and acquisition of properties.  If one of our clients chooses to review their portfolio, seek a valuation or consider an offer to purchase, the necessary information is readily available and the property can always be presented in the best light possible.  We understand that the correct setup of a property, including outgoings, regulatory compliance, maintenance, essential services, and good communication with the property owners, assists in good management of the property.  It follows that its value will be maximized.

Oversight by Directors ensures consistency of service at all levels of management, operations, leasing, marketing, sales and valuation, maintenance and repairs.

From its relationship with Lascorp Development Group, CRAM possess a unique understanding of the complexities of retail property including; lease agreements and structures, maximizing performance through design, tenant selection and mix, and the cumulative impact these factors have on propelling a client’s property performance.

We believe we can demonstrate a superior understanding of our clients’ needs.